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Dauntless Manufacturing

Dogbone Deep Carry Sheath

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This sheath works with our Matt Helm Collab Dogbone. It is designed to ride low in a pocket, but still offer good access to your knife. This sheath is also ambidextrous.

Available with either a Mod 4 1.75" clip, Mod 4 1.5" clip, Mod 2.1 cloth grabber style clip or a Utiliclip Slim 3.3  for pocket carry.


The Utiliclip mounting style allows for the clip to be slid up or down to adjust the depth of carry by about 1/4". The clip is mounted with two screws that thread into a plate inside the sheath. Because screws are prone to loosen over time, the sheath will be supplied with a tube of Vibratite 121 threadlocker. Once you have found a clip position that works for you, please apply the threadlocker to the screws.


**Not compatible with peel ply scales**

Given the unpredictable nature of the demand for these sheaths, we will be producing them to order. Please expect a 1-3 week lead time.