Have you ever purchased a knife and instantly despised the sheath that it came with?

We hear your cries. At Dauntless, we understand the importance of a good sheath. A sheath has a direct correlation with how frequent you decide to carry a knife. You can have the coolest knife in town, but if the sheath is uncomfortable, has improper retention, minimal mounting options, etc - you won't carry it as often.

A tool that sits in a toolbox makes for a sad story...

Not all sheaths are created equal:

The unfortunate truth is that just because you pay premium dollar for a knife, you're not guaranteed a quality sheath. We see it far too often in the industry. While we understand that companies often times have to make compromising decisions in order to keep costs down, like sacrificing Kydex for a cheaper alternative, we aren't one of them. With us, you pay for what you get. After studying countless sheaths on the market, and getting to the bottom of what works and doesn't work - we've dialed-in our sheath designs and are proud to say that the quality of the sheath matches that of our knives. There aren't a lot of makers or companies that can honestly say that.

  • Standard Kydex: Taco style w/ Retention Adjuster. Extremely low profile. Best for mounting outside the waistband or to a bag. Small ramp for thumb index point.
  • Deep Carry Kydex: Pancake style w/ Retention Adjuster and more rivets for mounting options. Best for inside the waistband or pocket.

The retention adjustment point is a game changer. When we set out to improve our Kydex Sheaths, consistent retention was the root of our decision-making. With the twist if a Phillips screwdriver, you can adjust the retention to your exact preference.

All of our Kydex sheaths are buffed, leaving no trace of snags, hot-spots, or uneven edgework. Our rivet placement is not only extremally consistent, it's also 100% intentional so that mounting options are maximized.

Side note: If you were to purchase a deep carry sheath for the Hiker Tanto, that sheath will also be compatible with the Hike Wharncliffe!

Choose your Kydex color or pattern:

Whether you select a standard or deep carry Kydex sheath, you will have the option to select your color preference. With 12+ sheath color options; OD Green, Orange, Multicam, Coyote Tan - to name a few - you can really make it your own. Certain color options will sell out sooner than others but we try to maintain a decent on-hand inventory of our Kydex sheaths.

Chattanooga Leatherworks:

We've also partnered with Ben, at Chattanooga Leatherworks, who is an expert at his craft. For those of you who prefer the classic aesthetic, functionality, and patina that leather offers, we've got you covered! Made in Chattanooga, TN.


Based on the sheath you select and carry style you prefer, you'll want to select a mounting method that makes the most sense for you. If you plan to carry the knife inside the waistband or in a pocket, you'll want to select one of the clips from Discreet Carry Concepts or UltiClip. They are easily swappable for Right or Left hand carry, and do an excellent job at keeping the knife from shifting around. They are also the best option for quick on-off, if speed is something that matters to you.

If you'd prefer to carry one of our blades Scout-Style (horizontal), we'd recommend selecting the corresponding leather sheath from Chattanooga Leatherworks, or a Tek-Lok from Blade-Tech if you've selected a Kydex sheath.


You can tell a lot about someone by how they carry a knife. We want to give people every good excuse to carry our knives regularly, and intentional sheath design is part of that mission.