We machine everything ourselves right here in the USA. Our knives are made with the best raw materials in the world. We offer everything from the latest and greatest CPM-Magnacut steel to intricately milled Ultem resin or canvas micarta for our handle scales. There is something for everyone to customize their Hiker to match their individual needs.


If you are looking for a high-performance outdoor knife that holds an edge longer, stays razor sharp after prolonged use, and requires less sharpening, these steel options would be perfect for you.

Note: High-edge retention steels offer unmatched wear resistance and oftentimes boast great corrosion resistance as well. However, these steels are more prone to breaking and chipping during hard use due to their chemical composition.

  • CPM-20CV

    Stainless steel with good toughness, extreme edge retention, as well as outstanding corrosion resistance. Heat treated to 59-60 HRc with cryogenic treatment for maximum performance.

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    Newcomer stainless steel with excellent toughness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. Heat treated to 62-64 HRc with cryogenic treatment for maximum performance. 

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If you are someone who uses your knives in humid, bloody, or wet environments, you'll probably want your steel to be extremely corrosion-resistant. You can customize your own hiker with any of our stainless steel options to ensure the longevity of your knife.

  • AEB-L

    One of the toughest stainless steels out there! AEB-L has been one of the most commonly used stainless steels for decades. Originally developed for use in shaving razors just before WW2. This steel can take an extremely thin, razor sharp edge while maintaining amazing toughness.

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    Newly developed stainless steel specifically for knives. CPM-MAGNACUT is a fantastically balanced blade steel. With good edge retention paired with top-of-the-line toughness, you get a robust, adaptable blade that can handle just about anything you throw it at.

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choosing the right knife for demanding, hard-use jobs is essential when safety and productivity are at stake. A Hiker with any of these ultra-tough super steels will perform day in and day out without quitting on you. These steels are intended to withstand immense amounts of high-impact force, and extreme pressure, making these knives perfect for those dirty jobs.

  • CPM-3V

    This steel is probably as close to being a literal "super steel" as you can get. CPM-3V sports unbelievable toughness with seemingly no sacrifice of edge retention. At the cost of some corrosion resistance you can have one of the most robust, high-performance steels in the world.

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  • 80CRV2

    Similar to the tried and true 1095 steel commonly used by high-end custom knife makers, and massive manufacturing companies alike. 80CRV2 is really well balanced in its strengths and weaknesses. This steel offers an amazing toughness to edge-retention ratio, but poor rust resistance.

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When spending an extended amount of time outdoors you're bound to run into some less-than-ideal conditions. We make knives that can withstand the harshest conditions. Our waterproof Kydex sheaths and durable composite handle materials are designed to handle the elements.

  • G10 + Ultem

    These space-age polymer composites are perfect for knife handles. Both of these materials are waterproof, extremely durable, and textured to enhance your grip. We offer many different styles of G10 knife scales in a variety of colors, so you can personalize your knife.

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  • Kydex

    We believe that we make the best knife sheaths in the world. We use Kydex to produce slim, lightweight, water-proof sheaths that can be customized with a variety of different carry clip options. Leather is beautiful, and has a classic look and natural feel, but in almost every aspect is inferior to Kydex.

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Our hiker scales are precision machined to enhance the ergonomics of the knife. Each scale is textured so the knife never slips in your hand. We use an intricate diamond pattern on most of our knife scales as well as a "peel-ply" texture on our flat G10 scales. Even with wet hands, you can still have a solid grip on the knife with our textured canvas micarta scales. Because micarta becomes more grippy in wet conditions.

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The Hiker is a full-tang fixed blade milled from one piece of steel. The handle is skeletonized to reduce the weight for easier carry. Each handle scale is milled to fit perfectly into each gap on the handle of the knife. This prevents the scales from coming loose, moving, or breaking during use. We make tools that we want to use. We want tools that can withstand abuse with premium materials, that we can comfortably carry every day.

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In addition to its many other features, The Hiker knife is also fully customizable. The handle scales can be easily removed and replaced with whatever material you prefer, allowing you to create a truly unique and personalized knife that fits your style and needs perfectly.

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