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Matt Helm Collab Dogbone

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The Dogbone is our third Collaboration with Matt Helm.  It was designed from the very beginning to be an exceptional knife for everyday carry. The knife is 7" in length with a 3.1" blade and a thickness of 5/32" (0.156"). It is made from high quality American steel and entirely manufactured in the USA. The blade is heat treated to 60 HRc in all steels except Magnacut, which is heat treated to 62 HRc.

Knife is supplied with a sheath manufactured in house. The sheath is configured with a Discreet Carry Concepts HLR gear clip that can be mounted for left or right hand orientation. Additionally, the top rivet holes are based on the common .75"/1.5" spacing so they can be used with various other attachment methods. Sheath is vacuum formed, CNC trimmed and assembled in house from .060" Kydex. The adjustable retention allows for fine tuning to your preferred level of retention. All hardware is black oxide stainless.


 Given the unpredictable nature of the demand for deep carry sheaths, we will be producing them to order. Please expect a 1-3 week lead time.

Steel selection

- CPM 3v will take an extremely fine edge. It is an exceptional working steel that will remain sharp through hard use, but can also be sharpened to a scary sharp edge.

- S35Vn is a true stainless steel, and resists rust very well. It is similar to CPM 154, but with slightly better wear and corrosion resistance.

- Damascus - Galactic Bacon in a non traditional pattern steel made by Chad Nichols Damascus. It has a beautiful, linear pattern and is made of AEB-L, 440c, pure nickel, and 304 stainless steel. It is corrosion resistant and takes a very keen edge

- CPM 154 is a true stainless steel, and resists rust very well. It has wear resistance on par with CPM 3v. While not as tough as 3v, it has the added benefit of being rust resistant.


Blade Finishes

Our standard finish, Black Nitride, is a variation of a ferritic nitrocarburizing process. This is similar to the tough finish found on many firearm slides and its variants have many trade names within the various industries it serves. Melonite, Tenifer and FNC are all common names for a close family of treatments. It is an extremely tough and corrosion resistant surface finish that leaves very nice black surface finish. 



Our upgraded finishes are industrial PVD coatings

  • TiC (Grey, Titanium Carbide). This is an extremely hard and tough coating that gives the blade excellent corrosion resistance on all coated surfaces. It is a light grey color that can show variation in shade.

  • TiCN (Bronze, Titanium Carbon Nitride). This is an extremely hard and tough coating that gives the blade excellent corrosion resistance on all coated surfaces. It is a bronze color that can show variation from rose to brown.


The blade coatings give the knife excellent corrosion resistance, but the bare edge will need to be cared for to prevent corrosion.



- Jimping refers to the texture applied to the grip area of the knife to increase control and grip on the knife.

- Matt Helm Signature jimping consists of two overlapping patterns of alternating conical milled features and is a close representation of the fine jimping that Matt applies to his custom knives.

- Dauntless standard jimping is an aggressive milled jimping that consists of semi circular milled features arranged in a series.