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Dauntless Manufacturing

The Pineland Musashi

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Introducing the Pineland Series.

We decided we would like to do an interesting statement series of knives. We wanted something with meaning, substance, and usable toughness.

The Pineland Series is a serialized configuration of any model we decide to produce. They are a small percentage of a given release. They will be made of 5160, without any post heat treat finishing. The scales will be machined from 6061 aluminum, and anodized in a color case hardened look. Sheaths are woodland camo kydex with Discreet Carry Concepts clip. They will be serialized in a continuous series. There will be no duplicate serial numbers as long as they are produced, regardless of what model knife is produced.

This particular Pineland blade is our new Musashi model. It is our modern interpretation of the traditional Japanese Kwaiken style knife. It has a blade thickness of 3/16", an overall lengths of 9", and an edge length of just under 4.75". The supplied sheath is ambidextrous, and is most at home tucked inside a waistband, or on a plate carrier.

Each and every knife in the Pineland series is unique. The scales are anodized aluminum and will be cold to the touch, and less grippy than the same scales made of G10. The blade is left in its heat treated coloration. It is not a coating that can be replicated. It will patina over time and develop its own character.