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Matt Helm Work Knife V3

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This knife was designed in partnership with Matt Helm. It is based on his Work Knife design but with the blade profile from his Persian design. It shares the handles with the rest of the Work Knife family of blades, and is significantly smaller than the Matt Helm Persian that we also produce. It retains all of his attention to detail and usability in a very accessible package. It is made from CPM 3v, Magnacut or 80CrV2 steel, and has a tumbled, nitride, PVD or DLC finish. It is professionally heat treated to 60 HRc for 3v and 80CrV2, and 63 HRc for Magnacut. The knife has an overall length of 7.5" and a cutting edge of 3.4". It is 3/16" thick and features a complex double flat grind. The grind is milled at a steeper angle at the tip to allow for better tip strength in forward motion, and a shallower angle in the belly to maintain good overall slicing performance. The sharpening angle remains a constant 18 degrees along the entire length of the blade.